J U L Y – 2 0 1 8!

July will be a big month, the eclipses are coming, the nodes of fate switches things up and around, In the sign of Cancer and Aquarius, are you ready for this? July is another action packed month of planetary movements and change ups. Good vibe in July, Jupiter goes Direct, a good thing, a littleContinue reading “J U L Y – 2 0 1 8!”

Full Moon in Libra, 31st March, 2018!

  Moon in Libra, opposite Sun/Mercury in Aries Moon/Sun squares Saturn/Mars in Capricorn Venus enters Taurus Moon trine South Node in Aquarius Sun trine North Node in Leo Life can be so frustrating, annoying, messy and a struggle, finding your way along, trying to find some peace from the outside world in which you liveContinue reading “Full Moon in Libra, 31st March, 2018!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 25th Dec, 2017!

This weeks card is the High Priestess. She knows things, perhaps it’s time to work your magic! Feel her pull, her potential for all things to happen. Find some stillness in your week, the High Priestess lets you know that changes are happening slowly within you and around you. Sometimes things are about to unfold,Continue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 25th Dec, 2017!”

Jupiter Trine Neptune, 3rd Dec, 2017!

Jupiter trine Neptune, 3rd Dec,2017! This is the first of three, the other dates are(May 25th, 2018 and 19th Aug, 2018) Jupiter likes to expand, Neptune dissolves the barriers or limits, a combo of these two especially in a trine, you just want to float along, get lost, submerge yourself into something lovely. You wantContinue reading “Jupiter Trine Neptune, 3rd Dec, 2017!”

Venus enters Scorpio, 8th Nov, 2017!

VENUS enters SCORPIO, Venus, planet of LoVe, money and values, what you want, enters into the emotional realm of Scorpio, so, these topics will get a little more obsessive, intense and even interesting. * Scorpio = intimacy, sex and power, this may bring up for you shadow parts of all of the above, particularly inContinue reading “Venus enters Scorpio, 8th Nov, 2017!”

Astro bits 24th Oct, 2017!

Mercury trine Neptune, this aspects dissolves boundaries, makes it easier to connect and talk about uncomfortable or uneasy conversations. Coming more from a place of understanding, compassion and care. Wonderful for creativity, writing, using your imagination, tapping into your spiritual side. Tap into the cosmos. Moons in Sagittarius, optimistic and hopeful.

Sun enters Scorpio, 23rd Oct, 2017!

SUN enters Scorpio, Sun shines the light on Scorpio themes, looking deeper within, instincts, motivation, hidden resources, secrets, taboo topics, occult, taxes and death. SUN in Scorpio, Sun shines the light on death/dying, our passion and fears. Light shines on to areas that are hidden within, Scorpio is death, letting go of old, to liveContinue reading “Sun enters Scorpio, 23rd Oct, 2017!”

New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!

Libra Moon and Sun opposite Uranus in Aries, close by is Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio with these two in the mix, you’re going to want to go deeper, delve into the emotions, not the surface stuff here. You want deeper connection, intimacy, bonding with your partner. You really want to get to know themContinue reading “New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 16th Oct, 2017!

This weeks Tarot Card is the Page of Cups! Water, emotions, feelings, intuition, sensitivities, flow, openness. This little page is seeking new experience in the emotional/feeling realm. Be open to exploring this area of your life. A new romance or a more intimate stage of feeling and sharing/caring is surrounding you this week. It mayContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 16th Oct, 2017!”

Astro bits 15th Oct, 2017!

MARS opposite Chiron, Mercury opposite Uranus. It may be a prickly day with these two aspects. First off Mars opposite Chiron brings in some kind of hurts as the wound is being poked at. You may feel like your interest or desire cannot be acted on, you just cannot see a way to do this,Continue reading “Astro bits 15th Oct, 2017!”