Sun conjunct Pluto, 9th Jan, 2018!

SUN conjunct PLUTO! Sun meets up with Pluto, planet of transformation, rebirth and regeneration. Sometimes with Pluto things have to be removed or die off, for true growth to happen and the Sun, your identity, purpose, vitality, will is shining the light on the areas that may need to go. And that’s not easy, neverContinue reading “Sun conjunct Pluto, 9th Jan, 2018!”

Weekly Tarot card reading, 4th Dec, 2017!

This weeks card is the Queen of Swords – Air – Libra. This Queen uses head over heart. She is very clear, honest and open in here approach. She is more of a tougher Queen, as she has been through many challenges. She is very good at helping you get clear and certain. Her greatContinue reading “Weekly Tarot card reading, 4th Dec, 2017!”

VENUS conjunct JUPITER in Scorpio, 2017!

November 13th 2017, at 7° Scorpio. A sweet connection, brings in some benefits. You my even manifest(a gift) something in the physical form during this aspect. Which let’s face it after the last few months of very testy energy, anything will help to lift the load. Venus – planet of wants, likes/dislikes, love, beauty, attraction,Continue reading “VENUS conjunct JUPITER in Scorpio, 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 30th, Oct, 2017!

  This weeks card is the 4 of cups. Water element, emotions, feelings, sensitive, intuitive, flow, openness. Moon in Cancer Is something or someone calling you to come out, to move away from your everyday life! This week working with the energy of 4 of cups, this cards brings up many meaning for you toContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 30th, Oct, 2017!”

New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!

Libra Moon and Sun opposite Uranus in Aries, close by is Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio with these two in the mix, you’re going to want to go deeper, delve into the emotions, not the surface stuff here. You want deeper connection, intimacy, bonding with your partner. You really want to get to know themContinue reading “New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!”

Venus in Libra, 14th Oct – 7 Nov, 2017!

Venus enters Libra on the 14th, she likes it here, works well. Venus/Libra is about you and the other, relationships and partnerships. Being more social, co-operating, wanting peace, harmony, fairness and balance, beauty and attraction(what you want) are also involved. The other side of this is projection, losing yourself in the other and what theyContinue reading “Venus in Libra, 14th Oct – 7 Nov, 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Reading, 4th Sept, 2017!

This weeks card is the 2 of Pentacles Earth element – material aspects of life including work, business, property, money, possessions, manifestation, health, body, finances, work, and creativity. Jupiter in Capricorn Usually you are juggling many things, multi tasking when the two of coins is around. Change, movement is often the case, moving from oneContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Reading, 4th Sept, 2017!”