New Moon in Taurus 15th May, 2018 – change it’s gonna get ya!

Taurus – values, money, love, self-esteem, resources. This is a nice little new moon in fixed sign, Taurus, steady, grounded, practical, keeping it clear, calm and simple. Taurus an earth sign is manifesting and building energy. Perfect place to plant the seeds of intention for growth and abundance. But….. hang on, wait a tick, loomingContinue reading “New Moon in Taurus 15th May, 2018 – change it’s gonna get ya!”

Mercury re-enters Virgo, Moon in Taurus, 10th Sept, 2017!

  MERCURY re-enters VIRGO, you now got the info, gone over many things, but mostly it was and probably still is a brain drain and brain F**k! Mercury in Virgo works well here, watch your stress levels, don’t be in your head too much as you will get brain burn out, become highly strung :/.Continue reading “Mercury re-enters Virgo, Moon in Taurus, 10th Sept, 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 5th of June 2017!

    This weeks card is the Queen of Coins. Earth sign, nature, nurture, fertility, stability, secure, pleasure and sensual, enjoyment of the material world. Pay yourself some attention! Listen to your needs. This Queen is here for the week to help you take care and pay attention of your physical needs, body and soul.Continue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 5th of June 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 22 May 2017!

This weeks card is the Knight of coins. Earth, practical, logical, pragmatic, grounded, and a steadfast approach. Astrology – Taurus and Aries, earth and fire. Knights –  action and or movement. Serious and stable planning. He wants to build things in his life. The knight of coins or pentacle, is the grounded, logical, earthy knight, he doesContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 22 May 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Reading, 8 May 2017!

This weeks card is the 4 f coins or pentacles. earth element, stability, safety, security, money, work, home, possessions, body and senses, the material realm. Four of coins is a tricky cards, it deals with building, power, stability, security and the flip side of that is, are you holding on to tightly, to rigid, fearfulContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Reading, 8 May 2017!”

April, 2017….just keeps going on and on!

SUN enters TAURUS, MARS enters GEMINI, Mercury meets up with the Sun. April just keeps rolling on with intensity, keeping you on your toes and making you know you are alive. Sun in Taurus, ground down and ground yourself into the earthy realms of Taurus, keep it simple, logical and practical, try and manifest whatContinue reading “April, 2017….just keeps going on and on!”

Weekly Tarot Card, Reading 3rd April!

  This weeks card is the King of Coins. Stability-security-endings and beginnings-mastery This king comes along to tell you that you have reached a level of success or achievement in areas of money, work, career, goals, he is the earth king. He is practical, steadfast and ambitious to achieve his goals and he does thisContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card, Reading 3rd April!”


Ideas, thoughts, must translate into something real and true. If you can touch it, it’s real. Mercury in Taurus takes on a more steady, logical, practical, approach to life. You may find you become fixed on certain ideas or information with this pair. So things may slow down for you until you work it out.Continue reading “MERCURY enters TAURUS!”