Full Moon in Pisces, 26th August 2018! Let your dreams fall to earth!

  The Full Moon in Pisces is supported by a Grand Earth Trine -Virgo Sun, Uranus Rx in Taurus and Saturn Rx in Capricorn make up the easy and smooth flow. Uranus’s innovative ways of change, Saturn’s structure, rules and commitment, Virgo’s practical application for something to be fixed or improved on. Pisces Moon isContinue reading “Full Moon in Pisces, 26th August 2018! Let your dreams fall to earth!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 1 Jan, 2018!!!

This week’s card – Ace of Pentacles. Perfect card to start the year off with. Start off steady and grow. It’s the year to create and manifest! Aces are new beginnings, potential for growth and promises, gifts, when it’s in pentacles, it’s in the areas of money/finances/wealth, work/career, material gain, manifestation, possessions, abundance, prosperity. Believe thatContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 1 Jan, 2018!!!”

VENUS enters CAPRICORN, DEC 25 – JAN 18th 2018!

Areas of love, money, relationships, resources and values, can be more serious, you can feel limited or restricted, and commitments, responsibility will a big part of her journey. You take the realistic approach and need to be real. Take a look at your wants and how you get them, what limits you from getting them,Continue reading “VENUS enters CAPRICORN, DEC 25 – JAN 18th 2018!”

Sun in Virgo and Astro bits, 24th Aug, 2017!

SUN in VIRGO, time to get back to reality, ground down into the daily ritual, work and service that is life. She comes back to earth and find that it humbles her. After the high life of Leo. You can now look at what is wrong, what is right, be discerning, and separate what youContinue reading “Sun in Virgo and Astro bits, 24th Aug, 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 21st Aug, 2017!

    This weeks tarot card is – 6 of coins, sweet card, success and rewards, be open to receive. Earth element – grounded, stable, supportive, fertile, money, work, material aspects, possession, business, property. Balance, leveling out, sharing, time, energy, manifestation Moon in Taurus You may find that your receive some kind of success thisContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 21st Aug, 2017!”

Mercury enters Virgo, 26th July 2017!

  Mercury enters Virgo, earth, grounded, focuses on the details. your mind or thoughts become sharper, more efficient, you will want to analyze/contemplate information and put it all in order. Your everyday may become more practical, logical, you feel like you need to get organized, have a more orderly work place or get your everydayContinue reading “Mercury enters Virgo, 26th July 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 24th, April!

This weeks card is the Page of Coins or Pentacles. A desire to create. Pay attention, listen to the signs from the universe as they cross your path this week. New beginnings, the very start of something new is being looked at or perhaps is starting. Potential for growth, from an idea that is forming. Let thingsContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 24th, April!”

April, 2017….just keeps going on and on!

SUN enters TAURUS, MARS enters GEMINI, Mercury meets up with the Sun. April just keeps rolling on with intensity, keeping you on your toes and making you know you are alive. Sun in Taurus, ground down and ground yourself into the earthy realms of Taurus, keep it simple, logical and practical, try and manifest whatContinue reading “April, 2017….just keeps going on and on!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 10 April, 2017!

    This weeks card is the Knight of coins. Earth, practical, logical, pragmatic, grounded, and a steadfast approach. Knights –  action and or movement. Serious and stable planning. He wants to build things in his life. The knight of coins or pentacle, is the grounded, logical, earthy knight, he does achieve what he sets his mindContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 10 April, 2017!”