Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries:Burns away!

Generally this connection is restless and brings with it a high vibe energy, it also brings with it a break away for freedom, the last chance to get away from limitations. Ideally it’s a time when you want to be assertive, well that’s the general idea. It can also be a sudden surprise in someContinue reading “Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries:Burns away!”

New Moon in Aries, 16th April, 2018, Re-Awakened Warrior!

  New Moon in Aries, 16th @11:57 am, conjunct Uranus. Mercury Rx slowed you down, frustrated the hell out of you, now you have some new information, insight, realizations about all of that and you are ready for the new, filled with energy and enthusiasm/drive for the next step or action you take. Even thoughContinue reading “New Moon in Aries, 16th April, 2018, Re-Awakened Warrior!”

Uranus goes direct, 2nd Jan, 2018!

Uranus has been Rx since 3rd Aug, 2017, now the planet known as the “great awakener” is on the move and move he will. Uranus entered Aries in May 2010, he is moving out of Aries in May 2018 and enters Taurus. Big change into a fixed earth sign. Change, freedom, liberation, ideals, vision and independenceContinue reading “Uranus goes direct, 2nd Jan, 2018!”

Jupiter opposite Uranus, 28th Sept, 2017!

  Jupiter Opposite Uranus, these two have been playing it out since 26th Dec 2016. They bump into each other for one last time on 28th, move on and over 2 Oct, 2017. What have they been trying to do. Bring in change, to expand you and your life. In new ways, with new people,Continue reading “Jupiter opposite Uranus, 28th Sept, 2017!”

Astro bits 13th Aug, 2017!

    Yesterday, you had a grand cross and many other aspects going on. Today you have a fire trine, plus Moon will conjunct Uranus. Trines are harmonious, easy, aspects, with ease you can achieve, being a fire trine, it’s brings in a lighter more passionate feel, be creative, passionate and action you take willContinue reading “Astro bits 13th Aug, 2017!”

Astro bits 12-13th Aug, 2017!

  A grand cross is happening over weekend, thanks to the moon being in Aries, which lines it all up. All in cardinal signs, a call for a change and action to happen, you may feel pushed and pulled in many direction. Within yourself and your relationships. This may be an if your up forContinue reading “Astro bits 12-13th Aug, 2017!”

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 22 May 2017!

This weeks card is the Knight of coins. Earth, practical, logical, pragmatic, grounded, and a steadfast approach. Astrology – Taurus and Aries, earth and fire. Knights –  action and or movement. Serious and stable planning. He wants to build things in his life. The knight of coins or pentacle, is the grounded, logical, earthy knight, he doesContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 22 May 2017!”

New Moon in Aries!

    It’s a pretty Aries filled chart for this new moon. Venus is Rx, Mercury connects with Uranus. Being in Aries, it’s about you, the self, what you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want. It’s also about renewing what you are doing, finding the things that you are only passionateContinue reading “New Moon in Aries!”

Weekly Tarot Reading, 13 March, 2017!

  The Emperor Aries is linked to him. With fiery and passionate nature he rules his kingdom. And, through being organised, self disciplined, he achieves his goals. Use your mind, be logical and practical in your approach to all things this week. Get things into order. Can often be a man or woman in authority,Continue reading “Weekly Tarot Reading, 13 March, 2017!”