Astro bits 14-15 July, 2017!

MERCURY in Leo quincunx NEPTUNE Rx in Pisces
Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter quincunx Neptune, Moon is in Pisces. What the?
You may have thought, idea, word or conversation, and you think it or say it with sass, you feel bold.
Neptune is the slippery part, it may not find its mark at this point, is it a hit or a miss, who knows?
Nothing is gonna stick.
It can feel like something just out of reach, you keep missing it.
Trick is to keep believing, keep having the thought, pray, at some point if it’s yours it will stick, you find it.
The words, thoughts, idea, conversation will happen.
In the meantime, use the Pisces moon to relax, chill, mediate and pray.
Have faith and trust.